08 March 2007


Modern applications are not single programs. Whether web or enterprise systems, they are a number of components running on different computers. What they do have in common is that they cooperate to deliver the application. SPARQL makes publishing RDF data on the web possible, but what about those applications that maintain and update that RDF Data? There needs to be a way for the application components to update their data. SPARQL/Update (also know as SPARUL, pronounced a bit like "spiral") is a language that takes the SPARQL style, and much of the grammar, and provides both graph update and graph management operations. It means those application components can talk a common language between themselves or to a database. Having a common update language then means the application developer can choose one RDF toolkit for one component, and another RDF system for another component, rather than having to choose one programming language and find one system that does everything required. This first draft of SPARQL/Update is published for comments, comment away!


Aredridel said...

Is there a testbed implementation? In Joseki?

AndyS said...

There is a first-pass of an API in ARQ SVN (for ARQ2 only) for the language. Nothing for Joseki yet.

Zach Dwiel said...
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