08 August 2007

Syntax Comparison of N3 and Turtle

Some notes on the syntax differences between N3 and Turtle, with a little SPARQL thrown in.

Some of the differences are low-level issues, which are enough to trip-up machine reading of RDF data in these formats across the web. It also makes writing reliable RDF output writers harder because of variability of parsers.

RDF/XML really does win for web exchange but it is also a barrier to people who find N3 or Turtle much easier to understand and produce.

This collection of differences is not complete and I'll add and amend the note. Please let know me of anything that should be added or corrected.


Tim Harsch said...

Link is out of date. See http://jenawiki.hpl.hp.com/wiki/Syntax_Comparison_of_N3_and_Turtle

Tim Harsch said...

FYI http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/jena-users/201304.mbox/browser