19 February 2008

First time out for TDB (pt 2)

Follow-on from previous testing: a larger load of 100 million triples from UniProt 7.0a performed as follows on the SDB1 machine:
  • 115,517,840 triples
  • 3903s (which is 29594 triples/s) -- or about 65 minutes

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Anonymous said...

Your VM approach sounds very intersting... I could imagine this would be ideally for semantic desktop stores which usually should use only a fraction of physical memory available but may need more space to store all relevant data... maybe the Gnowsys people should be informed about this (without knowing which store they currently use)...

I think also people at VLDB would be interested in this and in RDF storage generally. I remember that one best paper award 2007 went to an RDF C-Store approach ...