01 October 2009


This a version of the Berlin SPARQL Benchmark tools, modified to allow the query benchmark driver to work with a local database, rather than a SPARQL endpoint. I've changed benchmark.testdriver.TestDriver to accept a Jena assembler description.

 TestDriver -runs ... -w ... -idir ...-o ... local:assembler.ttl

Git clone git://github.com/afs/BSBM-Jena.git

In the repository, there are versions of ARQ and TDB with significant performance improvements. It will the run benchmark in a reasonable time now. There are some shell scripts to help run the benchmark as well.


The GIT repository has been renamed as "BSBM-Local". The Jena pseudo URI scheme is now "jena:". The project now includes support for running tests directly on a Sesame native repository using the pseudo URI scheme "sesame:directory" - this could be easily extended to any Sesame repository implementation.

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